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Future Impact Challenge Resources

Throughout the Future Impact Challenge, we want to ensure that your team can succeed! Please take advantage of our resources, such as the examples and tools for Rounds 1 and and Impact Pitch.

Silicon Valley is the home of innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to provide you with as much of the best taste of all worlds as possible!

Survey (Round 1)

These are the expectations and rubric in addition to samples of surveys that we have crafted that can be used to gather interest and feedback on your team's project.

Pitch Deck (Round 1)

You can find the pitch deck expectations and rubric here as well as sample pitch decks from previous teams with their permission that can be used as inspiration for your team's pitch deck.

Deliverable (Round 1)

Instead of long, boring essay questions, deliverables provide you with a way of showcasing your project idea and plans. You can find the expectations, rubric, and samples for the deliverable here.

Video Demonstration (Round 2)

At the end of Round 2, you'll have a completed video demonstration that takes us through your product's journey from a potential customer's perspective!

User Testimonials (Round 2)

As a part of letting your product see the light of day, you will also submit real-world User Testimonials with feedback, critics, or suggestions on your project.

Impact Pitch Presentation (Impact Pitch)

For the final round, you'll present to a panel of judges and SMEs with an Impact Pitch of your product!

Registration and Submission Guide

Read our one-stop documents with all the information regarding registration and submission at FIC that you need on the following links:

Judging Rubrics

We have specific rubrics for judging our submission requirements during Round 1, Round 2, and Impact Pitch as follows:

Partnering Resources

We welcome our partners, volunteers, and sponsors with open arms to collaborate with Applied Computing Foundation to make our FIC a success and empower our future generations!

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss more partnering opportunities that suit both of us.


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Other Resources

For additional questions, please check out:

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