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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions about the Future Impact Challenge. If you have additional questions, please contact us on our Discord or at!

What is the Future Impact Challenge?

The Future Impact Challenge (FIC) is an International Teen Tech Entrepreneurship Competition Hosted in Silicon Valley that aims to empower the youth with experience in sustainable entrepreneurship and technology.

Do I need to pay to participate in the Future Impact Challenge?

There is a $10 registration fee per team for Round 1 of the Future Impact Challenge. Teams that are shortlisted for Round 2 will require a $250 fee, as we will mentor all of the teams through our industry-tested curriculum. For teams unable to pay registration fees, please contact us at for discussion.

Are there age requirements for the Future Impact Challenge?

You must be enrolled in a high school level (or higher middle school) education institution to be able to participate in the Future Impact Challenge. Participants are usually between 13 - 19 years old. Please read our Future Impact Challenge Rules Guide for more details.

Am I eligible to get my registration fees waived for the competition?

We will waive registration fees for Round 1 for those who are eligible. Eligibility can be discussed by contacting us at Our Round 1 and Round 2 registration costs may be reduced for international teams registering from non-OECD countries. To discuss this, please email us at

Are there limitations on creating a team?

The requirements for working on a team are minimal! You may form a team with anyone worldwide as long as they satisfy the age requirements.

How do I register?

Registrations for FIC will open in January 2024. You may pre-register your interest by filling out this form.

Can I enter more than once?

You may only register for the competition once per season.

Can I enter the competition again with the same concept?

You may enter the competition with the same concept as a previous season if the idea was not a finalist of an earlier season. However, you can apply if your team has pivoted to a related idea.

What is the time commitment to participate in the competition?

The competition runs from January through May of the same year. The time commitment during Round 1 is creating and submitting the requirements for entering the first round. If qualified for Round 2, the commitment will be weekly development on your team's project in preparation for providing a stellar prototype and deliverable. If qualified for the final round, the responsibility will be 5-6 hours, including pitching prep and the last pitch to the elite panel. 

How long does the competition last?

The competition lasts from Jan. 3 to May 20, 2024. Please find more details on our Challenge Page.

Can I see how each submission item will be scored by the judges?

You absolutely can! Please check out the Resources Page for the rubrics alongside examples and requirements!

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