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Future Impact Challenge

Teens, Towards Sustainability

(Jan. 3 - May 20, 2024)

An International Teen Tech Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competition hosted by Silicon Valley for middle and high school students aged 13 - 19.

Silicon Valley For The World

The tech capital of the world has a responsibility to welcome tech innovation from all over, ACF is doing its part.

Building the Future

All your ideas are building blocks of our future. With your ideas, we can help you make an impact on the world.

With Community

Join a thriving ecosystem of teen tech entrepreneurs where the community shares, tests, and launches ideas.

Challenge Overview


Jan. 3  - Feb. 21, 2024


Feb. 28 - Apr. 17, 2024


May 12, 2024

The Future Impact Challenge is an opportunity for students worldwide to develop a sustainable, future-changing product and their intrapersonal skills, entrepreneurship, communication, and teamwork skills.

Hosted from the world's innovation capital in Silicon Valley, the Future Impact Challenge employs techniques and skills from leading businesses and startups, such as the LEAN Methodology.

Are you ready to participate in this leading entrepreneurship competition and impact the world as you see it?

Future Impact.

ACF Alumni Companies



A 21st-century website filtering solution that intelligently blocks distracting websites for students and children alike.

Screenshot (526).png

Dedicated to bestowing drivers a safer driving experience, VOBYUS pushes the boundaries to research and develop.


A 21st-century website filtering solution that intelligently blocks distracting websites for students and children alike.



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1517 Fund





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Conrad Challenge China

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Gallifrey Foundation



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RRR Computer

Think Fund

Think Fund

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Mentor Talks

FIC Teen Entrepreneurship, and 1517 Community Mentor Talk by Danielle Strachman.

Are you a seasoned industry expert, educator, STEM advocate, sustainability doer, engineer, community evangelist, global leader, or someone eager to share their experience with our young innovators at FIC through a "mentor talk" or workshop?


Please reach out to us at with your speech proposal! Someone from our team will get back to you.

Find all our previous mentor talks here.

Green Mountains

Are You Ready To Make An Impact On The Future?

We are thrilled to see what innovative and creative solutions you and your team build! The sky's not even the limit!

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